• You must be enrolled in a choir class in order to participate in Madrigal Dinner or the Musical

• If your student is trying to fulfill college entrance requirements and take choir every year, sometimes scheduling conflicts can come into play, especially for the foreign language, PE and computer info systems requirements for SHS. Talk to your counselor early to make this work.

• Options to make your schedule work include: zero period PE, independent study PE, and online PE through BYU. Foreign language can also be sometimes satisfied through Shasta College dual enrollment during the school year and/or summer.

• Every year, the choir goes on a team building trip. The cost of these trips are subsidized through our Musical/Madrigal ticket profits. Additionally, every third year there is a large trip (typically international) that can be discounted by parent volunteer participation.

• Madrigal Singers auditions are open in the Spring for current Freshman to Junior males and current Sophomore to Junior females. Madrigal Singers is a 7th period class. Madrigal Dinner cast member auditions take place in the Fall. Please refer to our activities calendar.