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We would like to extend a sincere thank you to our 2013 Madrigal Dinner Patrons.  Your support of our choir program is truly appreciated.  

2013 Patron List

The Barzin Family

Dr. Thomas E. Daniel and  Paula Daniel

Dr. Paul Davis and Family

“Fit” Physical Therapy

Ron and Karina Lapp

Michale D. Nelson, DDS

Leon and Donna Nelson

Peter and Margaret Rude

Mary Trevor

Dr. Ron Zufall, DDS and Family

Julie Gussenhoven, O.D.

Tina’s Interior Design

Mary Speigle

Harold and Edy Heinrichs

Sandra Morrison

Laurie Fowler

Gary and Belinda Sanda

Canteca Foods, Inc.

Amber Olzak

Dr. Dave Schillen and Family

Copper Ridge Care Center

The Sanders Family

Dr. George H. Domb

James and Linda Gonzalez

Patrick Fowler, M.D. and Tryg Stratte, M.D

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  1. Melody Brown
    March 27, 2014

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    Would you please add Lehmann & Associates Consulting to this list? They were also a patron.

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